The Lillooet Music Society was formed in the fall of 1995 to host the Piano Six Series. Cathy Arthur Stathers had been contacted by her friend, John Kimura Parker (Jackie) asking if there would be interest in Lillooet for a series of six top ranked Canadian pianists who had committed to ten days per year of touring in rural Canada. The Overture Concert series, which had entertained live music enthusiasts for at least 20 years, had recently come to a grinding halt.

Cathy asked Leslie Hall for her assistance. In all, eight pianists came to Lillooet. Five of the original six, plus three new members. Even before the Piano Six series had run out, additional concerts were being added. On a beautiful sunny afternoon in May, the huge Kamloops Youth Orchestra performed in the REC Centre gym – doors open. Other friends of Cathy’s, notably Jeff O’Kelly and Harry Aoki came to perform. Cathy Pedersen, daughter of a Lillooet resident, performed as well.

By the fall of 2003, Lillooet Music made contact with the UBC School of Music with the intention of finding graduate students looking for performance opportunities. Three concerts of sublime music followed. In that same year, Lytton partnered for two concerts.

Finally, on March 22, 2005, Lillooet Music registered as a non-profit organization and became eligible for funding from the BC Arts Council and other sources.

Lillooet Music is a small organization dedicated to providing a variety of quality entertainment to the community of Lillooet. Our venues can hold upwards of 100 people but we usually have approximately 50-75 attend our concerts.