Concert pianist and comedienne!

“When as a child I first understood what it meant to pull notes off a page, throw them into the air, and wonder at their magical effects, I knew that music would forever be my life: my oxygen, my solace, my offering.”

“I was recently asked what inspires me. This is both an impossible question and a no-brainer. Everything inspires me: my astounding colleagues, strange dreams after a midnight feast with friends, three words strung together in a novel, a ridiculous joke, baskets of poignant memories.”

“Let’s see… What else describes me, in 10 words or less? Well to be honest, I take my whiskey neat”

Sarah’s motivation is the belief that music has the power to be a window into our souls, regardless of our age or musical knowledge.

“…it was immediately apparent that this would be a piano concert beyond the norm”
– The Guardian (Charlottetown) March 2014

  • Concert Date Saturday, November 12, 2022
  • Time 7:30 PM
  • Venue Lillooet Masonic Hall